January 11, 2013

So, I’ve been thinking.  Thinking a lot.  About how I want to invest in this blog and share something other than amazing design and fun dog moments. (Even though I love both so much!)

I’ve never wanted to be one of those bloggers that tosses personal problems or life-changing questions to their community (although I really admire the bloggers that can do that).  But I have wanted to start getting a bit more life-oriented rather than product-oriented in this space, and share some of the positive tidbits of being alive.  We could all use a dose (a heaping pile at times) of simple joy and positive thinking, and I want to launch you into your weekends with just that.  Starting today, and every Friday moving forward, I will be posting some “thought full” notes on life and I truly hope you will share in this movement of positive thought!  Whether you agree, disagree or just don’t care about the message, I hope, if anything, it gets you thinking.

messy life

I thought (pun intended) for my first “Thought Full” post, I would discuss the mess of life we all deal with from time to time. Have you ever reached that point where you think life is just too chaotic to ever recover?  I’m sure we’ve all had those breakdown moments (however petty they may be in retrospect) where we want to give up, sit among the wreckage and just dwell.

Trust me, I’ve visited the neighborhood of “give up” many a time.  I am a regular at the bar of “can’t take it anymore!”  And I have a membership at the “why me?” gym. I know what it feels like to feel helpless in the mess around you and lose faith that it will ever change.

Just the other day I was sitting on my couch working on the bazillion projects I have decided to take on, when I looked up at Harvey to notice that he had (as he usually does when I ignore him) taken every single one of his toys out of his bin and scattered then around the living room.  In utter frustration, I then looked around the rest of the house and noticed the piles of paper, dishes in the sink, fur piles in every corner, un-made bed, mountain of laundry and dust-covered shelves. My life was a literal mess and I wasn’t having a good time of it emotionally either.

I sat in a pity puddle for a good hour feeling incredibly sorry for myself and my inability to find balance in my life. And then, in a simple moment, Harvey came over with a toy and placed it in my lap.  An offering of apology for the mess he created ( I like to think) and a kind gesture to knock me out of my pitiful state. Magic.

messy life

The point of this rather silly/insignificant dog lady story is not to suggest that a dog cures all (really though, they kind of do), but to suggest that, in time, no matter how big, smelly, disgusting, festering, and overwhelming your mess may seem, there is always something else to look forward to, to plan for, to make you smile again.

Life will chuck a lot of trash at us sometimes.  At moments, it may feel unfair and too much to handle. But you can’t just sit and stare at your mess.  Get up.  Move.  Make change.  Throw out what doesn’t need to be there.  Try to fix the things that are broken.  Forget about the rest.

Illness, money troubles, failure, heartbreak, rejection – they are all part of this beautiful existence.  But you have choices: sit in the mess and just hope that it disappears or address the mess and move forward. Tally ho!

I hope it’s a thought FULL weekend for all!


Steph + Harvey

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  • mary @ B&Gjournals

    love this new series a lot, and love what you have written here…its funny how our little furry friends can really trigger you to address life better and to make you feel like you can handle life, no matter how overwhelming (and even if not, there are other balls to play with!). thanks for sharing steph, look forward to more :)

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