October 18, 2013

Solo Travel | House of Harvey

For the past 13 days, I’ve been on the road. It’s most literally been a case of trains, planes and automobiles for me and Mr. Harvey.

While Harvey is the best travel mate a girl could ask for, (He is quiet, polite, easy going and never a pit-stop nag), I decided to spare him the extended travel and plane ride and take this current portion alone. So for the past week, I’ve been cruising through the south, more specifically, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina with me, myself and I.

Traveling alone is not for everyone. (And when I say “traveling alone”, I mean to a destination never visited before and without the closeness of people you know…S…O…L…O) It can be extremely lonely (obviously), fear-inducing (at times) and quiet (unless you are a song-belter like myself). But even with these apparent negatives, traveling alone has always been a part of who I am.

Traveling since the age of two and taking my first solo flight at the age of 12, I was bitten by the travel bug (let’s actually call it a “beast”) early on. Since then, any spare cash I have goes straight into my travel fund. It’s an addiction just like any other and I don’t know how to cure it…or if I even want to. There is just too much to see, do, eat, climb, swim, smell, and experience to stop now. Travel or bust!

I will be the first to admit, though, that solo travel can be rough…on the wallet…on the photographic opportunities…on the ego. Nine out of 10 times, I would rather have a partner to share and enjoy my journey with. Requesting tables for one, having to split up families for solo bus seats and checking into double queen bed hotel rooms always stings for a bit. But once the initial pity party wears off, I truly come to understand some of the many wonders of solo travel.

- You can fly by the seat of your pants, without any hindrances.

- You can dictate the checklist, only doing and seeing the things you set out to.

- And you can take both of the pillow mints.

But beyond all that, the solo travel experience teaches you how to be a party of one. How to make do with just your intuition and know how. How to survive as yourself. It’s a true test of character and self-awareness, and, for me, I tend to come out of it a little bit stronger than I went in.

So as we enter the weekend, I challenge you to take a bit of a solo journey. (Not to get all philosophical on you…truly, I’m much too shallow to get that deep). Try spending some time, a couple of hours, a whole afternoon, by yourself. Go somewhere you’ve never been or simply take a drive. Get out of your comfort zone and learn to survive as yourself.

It’s invigorating and scary, but all of the best things in life are too.

I hope it’s a thought full weekend for everyone!




  • Melissa S.

    That’s exciting! I remember when I spent time in Europe by myself, and everyone I knew seemed to think it was strange to want to go alone. But I loved it. You’re right – it gave me such a feeling of confidence! I haven’t found that same feeling doing anything else. The other thing I have discovered about traveling is that there are often lots of people willing to go out of their way to be helpful and kind, especially to a lone traveler. And on that note, if you make it up to Chattanooga, let me know and I can suggest some fun things you should do! Enjoy your travels in the South!

    • stephanie

      There definitely are some great souls out there who love to help other’s discover their home! Especially in the South I am finding! So sweet!

  • Archana | my SoCal'd life

    I’m a firm believer in spending a bit of time each week doing something I love. I usually explore a new neighborhood or sit outside somewhere with a coffee. I think it’s so nourishing for the soul! Enjoy your trip — sounds like it’s a blast.

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