January 18, 2013

slowing down | House of Harvey

I am always in a rush.  Ever since I was a kid, I have been in a perpetual state of go go go.  A rush to buy the latest toy.  A rush to complete my test before everyone else. A rush to be the first to win the game.  Just a rush!

As I’ve entered adulthood, more specifically the self-employment realm, that “rush” sensation has now turned into a panic.  A panic that I won’t make my deadline. A panic that I am not living up to my clients’ expectations.  A panic that I am falling behind. A panic that I’m not doing enough to be successful.  This panic has consumed every aspect of my life, making it impossible for me to “turn off” or, more  importantly, focus on the things that matter.

If you follow House of Harvey on Twitter, you may have noticed my tweet the other day where I accidentally dropped a glob of toothpaste of Mr. Harvey’s head and didn’t notice it until an hour later.  (Luckily, the toothpaste landed on the top of his head, thus not allowing him to get a minty taste.) While laughable in retrospect (wish I would have snapped a photo), in the moment, it was truly upsetting to me how I could have let this go unnoticed for so long.

And that’s when a decision was made. A decision to take back my time…the time I have so stupidly rushed away each and every day.  I have decided that instead of living in a state of “go” and “what’s next,” I will now live in a state of “slow” and “in the moment.” Not that I won’t make deadlines or consider the future, but rather, I will learn to schedule my life in segments of priority and learn the (difficult) art of focus.

I’d like to think that we get to a place of true success when we’ve worked hard enough to master a skill or trade.  The road may be long and arduous, but should you finally achieve that success, the end result is that much more rewarding.  So it’s time that I stop fooling myself into thinking that the faster I move, the quicker that success will be reached. False.

It’s a process…all of it.  So it’s better to slow down and take a few moments to realize the exciting path you are on, than to live in a panic-filled state of mind.

In the end, we will all (hopefully) reach the same destination, but on the slower path you will get to pick up a few more souvenirs, snap a few more memorable photos and truly appreciate the journey.

I hope it’s a thought FULL weekend for all!


Steph + Harvey


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