October 11, 2012

The 13 Project

I’ve always been a huge supporter of viral efforts that help a worthy cause, and this one does just that.  I heard the buzz about The 13 Project when I was flipping through the blogosphere one day.  I was instantly intrigued by the path this incredible project has taken, and knew that I wanted to join in as well.

The 13 Project was started by the wonderful Serena and Soda of Pretty Fluffy and their goal is simple: help dogs however you can, wherever you are, in 13 simple ways. Done!

So in order to contribute to the cause, here is my and Mr. Harvey’s list:

1. Be vocal. I feel so often people don’t speak up about the immense issue of the homeless pet population.  It’s time we share the facts with everyone we know (friends, foes, local government) and help the issue at hand.

2. Donate my and Mr. Harvey’s time. I am in the process of getting Mr. Harvey set up as a therapy dog so that we can visit children at our local children’s hospital.  A smile is one of the greatest gifts Harvey has brought to me and now it is time to share it!

3. Launch  a collection drive.  I am so lucky that I work in the pet industry, on a number of levels, so we all know how a little can go a long way for shelters.  Blankets, towels, toys, food are all necessary items for shelters to survive and I would love to support these hardworking shelters by collecting and donating these items.

4. A book for charity.  I am currently working on an exciting/artistic project that will benefit the pet population. Stay tuned!!!

5. Help photograph adoptable dogs.  It’s been a 2012 goal of mine to get more involved with my local shelter.  Now that I have gone freelance and am working on my own time, I can finally create a regular volunteer schedule.  I hope to help create captivating images of these magical dogs so potential owners see the beauty that I do.

6. Foster a dog(s).  I love dogs.  I understand dogs.  And I think I do a great job of caring from dogs, so why not share the love with more.  I’ll admit that my condo living is not ideal for multiple dog ownership, but I am of the frame of mind that if you can, in some way, share your skills/abilities with others, then why not.  I may not be able to keep several dogs forever in this home, but I can help give one or two a safe space until they find their forever.

7.  Create the “Give a Home, Share the Love” badge for charity. By creating and making available a badge for fellow bloggers to post on their blogs, we can–as a community–start to spread the word about the homeless animal population.  With every posting of the badge, I would donate a certain amount to a charity.

8. Pin adoptable dogs.  I think that by pinning dogs I see that are available from my local shelters, I can help to spread the word about pups that need homes.

9. Buy a California Pet Lover’s License Plate.  Each one of these plates goes towards spay and neuter programs, which will help reduce the homeless pet population.

10. Send a letter to my governor about the need to ban puppy mills.  Puppy mills around the world are the source of animal cruelty and the perpetuation of homeless animals.  They need to be shut…NOW!

11. Offer to dog sit for a friend.  Show your love and thanks for other adopters by helping to care for their little buddies.

12. Sign up for BarkBox. These guys are making dog ownership fun and charitable too!  With your subscription you are not only getting a box full of doggy joy each month, but you are also helping to support worthy dog causes.  How much better can it get?

13. Paw if forward.  I’ll scream and shout to the rest of the world about the goodness of The 13 Project.  Every person and every paw can help make a difference!


Thanks Serena for such a wonderful idea and I hope The 13 Project lives on past these 13 goals!  Be sure to share your 13 Project with me on Twitter and Facebook.  Together we can all make a difference.


  • Serena

    Thank YOU so much for joining The 13 Project! Your list is the perfect mix of big and small projects to help animals in need. I am super excited about #2 and #4 – they both sound so exciting for you and Harvey :) Wishing you lots of luck with your fab list! xx

    • stephanie

      Thank YOU Serena for creating such a wonderful campaign! Thrilled to help however we can!

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