April 17, 2013

Favorite Floral Patterns | House of Harvey

When I say I like a “floral print,” I’m not talking about some dainty daisies or bunches of baby’s breath (although they are quite lovely too).  My love of florals comes from the powerful pop of color they offer to any drab room or outfit.  So in keeping with our floral theme for the week and rounding up some of my favorite floral items, I wasn’t seeking out the delicate designs, but more so those patterns that instantly bring you to a vibrant cheerful place, full of life and color.  We could all use a few more patterns like that in our lives I think.


shorts / leash / wedges / iphone case / tea towel / card / bow tie /  satchel


April 15, 2013

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey

You may recall from last week’s Thought Full Friday post that I have decided to switch things up a bit to reflect more of my personal interests and a little less of the things that didn’t feel like a natural fit.  So the time has finally come to launch those “big changes” and start sharing the projects I’ve been working on over the past few weeks.

We kick off this week with my favorite new column: “Styled” which will include curated/styled photo shoots with my very own Mr. Harvey.  The inspiration for this column came from the bevy of bloggers out there that post photos of their daily wardrobe.  While I’ve never felt compelled to share my daily “look” (or the lack thereof), I have thought, “Why should humans be the only species to share their personal style with the world?” (I know….crazy dog lady moment #3,407)

Thus, a new column was born.

In all honesty, though, I really wanted to stretch my artistic muscles and create opportunities to practice art direction and my photography with my favorite subject.  And today is just the beginning of some fun, curated shoots to come.  My creative juices of definitely flowing, so get ready to see some quirky, funny and downright adorable Styled posts in the future.

Today’s post was obviously inspired by the beautiful floral bounty that Spring brings.  I truly can’t get enough of it, and now Mr. Harvey is a floral-fiend convert too.

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey

I’ve been switching things up with vases and found these adorable polka dot buckets at the Dollar Store to hold these vibrant yellow buds. Just a whimsical little touch to an already cheerful flower.

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey

How fun is this bright pink flower toy? I was cruising the pet aisle at Target the other day and happened across these fun plush toys.  The minute I tossed the flower on the grass, Mr. Harvey pounced.

I love it when dog toys match the changing seasons.  It’s as if Mr. Harvey put away his winter wardrobe and brought out his favorite Spring pieces.

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey

Flower Arranging | House of Harvey


April 12, 2013

i can see clearly now | House of Harvey

Sometimes you have to stop, look around, and say “This doesn’ feel right.”

For almost a year now I’ve been blogging about my favorites in the dog and human world.  There have been posts I’ve loved (like this one and this one) and then there are those that were slapped together just to “get something up.”  I have enjoyed learning the ropes of the blogging world  first hand, but now it’s time that I stop, look around and say, “It’s time for a change.”

In recent weeks, I have thought that something just doesn’t feel right with the content on the blog.  While I love scouring the web for the best items in the pet and human realm, I have come to realize my interests reach beyond the product design world.  And just as with everything in life, there comes a time when you have to grow, evolve and move on.

So in the coming weeks, you will see a change…a major change…in the format of this blog.  I will still be bringing you some curated round ups of great dog and human products, but you will also be seeing much more of my other passions: art direction, photography and design, infused with a dash of inspiration.

You will also notice that I am dropping my postings from 5 days to 3 days a week, all in the hopes of finding more balance in my life.  I love to blog, but I love a lot of other things too, and my eyes need a break from the glow of my screen from time to time in order to reboot, get inspired and bring you some fantastic original content.

I’m very excited to introduce all of the new, exciting and, potentially, magical things I have in store for House of Harvey.  I am ready to bring you better and more focused content, and I hope you will join along for the ride and embrace change with me.

Here’s to a balanced, more creative life and a refreshed and exciting House of Harvey 2.0!


Steph + Harvey



April 11, 2013

around the house, lanterns | House of Harvey

I know spring just happening/is happening around the US right now, but I can’t help but think of summer. I have a LOT of exciting plans coming up this summer (more on that soon), but I am most excited to get outside for some backyard BBQs and bonfires.  So in honor of the upcoming outdoor hours, I thought I would round up some fun lanterns.


copper lantern / rustic lantern / tangled lantern / moroccan lantern


April 10, 2013

Soda and Serena Faber Nelson, Pretty Fluffy

When it comes to dog blogs, none quite do it as beautifully as Serena Faber Nelson’s Pretty Fluffy. From the gorgeous photography (a lot of which is contributed by the talented Sarah Dickerson of Chic Sprinkles) to the inspirational messaging (my favorite being The 13 Project), Serena has captured the dog world in such a stunning and positive way. But she can’t do it alone.  Her trusty sidekick Soda is there every step of the way, and today, we get to know her a little better. Thanks for sharing Soda’s story Serena! (And thanks for having me and Mr. Harvey on your blog last month!)

What breed is your dog?

Border Collie

How old is he/she?

12 years

How did you and your dog come to be together?

I got Soda when I was just 21. As someone unhealthily obsessed with sitcoms, Soda got her name from Seinfeld, where George has his future firstborn’s name stolen and he tries to get the couple to switch to the name ‘Soda’ in the delivery room. She’s been by my side as I’ve started by career, met the love of my life, moved houses, and everything in between. She really is my best friend. My husband always jokes that once he had Soda’s approval he knew he had a chance with me! I love that now that she’s older, I get to be there for her and the bond we have these days runs very deep.

Soda and Serena Faber Nelson | House of Harvey

In one word, how would you define your dog’s personality?

Intuitive – she always know whether it’s time for a cuddle or time to whack you in the face with a paw to get you out of bed!

What is your dog’s favorite toy/treat/plaything?

Soda is a toy-aholic! She loves anything squeaky, and has destroyed many soft toys in her lifetime. However her favourite would have to be the Kong – whether she’s gobbling up the treats stuffed inside or playing fetch she adores her Kong. Now that she’s older she has the purple senior Kong which is much better for her teeth and gums.

If your dog were human, what career do you think they would have?

Bar tender. She’d listen to your problems for days on end, likes to get rowdy, and frankly, with her name, would fit right in. Scotch and Soda anyone?

Soda and Serena Faber Nelson, Pretty Fluffy

What celebrity does your dog most resemble?

Amy Poehler. Hilarious, whip smart and gorgeous – but not afraid to be silly.

Where is your dog’s favorite place in the house?

I know this is a no-no but she loves sitting on our bed looking out the window watching the world go by!

What do you love most about your dog?

Every. Single. Thing. It really is amazing that the longer you have a dog, the bigger your heart grows.

Finish this sentence: The love of a dog is_______________.

…a life well lived.




all photos by Pretty Fluffy

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