April 26, 2013

Week of Pup, April 22 | House of Harvey

Over the past few months, I’ve jumped into several projects (both for clients and myself) that have challenged me on a mental level.  I’ve had to stretch my creative muscles much further than I ever had before, and while frustrating at times, I’ve been so grateful for both the opportunities and the faith others have put in me.

In the past, I may have steered clear of such challenges in fear that I may fail or disappoint.  But as these opportunities have come around, I’ve decided to embrace these blessings, work beyond my limitations, and strive for the best.

I’m still in the midst of many of these projects (so no reports on success of failure yet), but I can’t tell you the personal satisfaction I’ve felt by overcoming my fears and accepting the good graces that have been bestowed upon me.  And I’ve learned so much!  I’m a master at the online tutorial and a pro at the advanced search on Google. The world wide web is an amazing abyss of information.

You should never stop learning.

I hope it’s a thought full weekend for everyone.  Get outside and breathe some fresh air.  It’s good for your lungs…and your soul.




April 25, 2013

Breed Love, Jack Russell Terrier | House of Harvey

As I’ve shifted the scope of content on this blog in recent weeks, there is one column that I’m not quite ready to let go…Breed Love.  I love hearing from you all asking for certain breeds to be featured and thanking me for already showcasing your favorite ones.  So I’ve decided to post a new Breed Love every other week, and today we’ve got the ever charismatic Jack Russell Terrier.

Is there a breed you’d love to see featured? Leave me a comment and I’ll add them to the list!


above photo / print / pattern / dog tag / mug / stamp


April 24, 2013

Wooden Favorites | House of Harvey

In honor of the launch of Maker Made, our father/daughter wood shop, I thought it would only be appropriate to round up some of my favorite wooden delights.  This list could seriously go on for weeks, but I decided to keep it brief, with a selection of goodies for both canine and human.

And be sure to check out my “Wood is Good” Pinterest board for more wooden inspiration!

Wood is good.  Respect it.


chaircake stand / spoon /  dog tag / necklace / dog bowl / dog house / sign 


April 22, 2013

Maker Made Wood Shop

This post has been a long time coming and I couldn’t be MORE thrilled to make this announcement:

We’ve opened up a wood shop!!!  Yes, a wood shop!!

Over the past couple of months, my dad and I have been toiling away at building (literally and figuratively) our own wood shop.  While we have our disagreements (the typical “old-school” v. “new-school” ways of thinking), we love nothing more than getting into our shop–the family garage–powering up our tools and crafting simple housewares for everyone to enjoy.

Maker Made Wood Shop

Woodworking has always been a passion of ours, and now we are sharing that passion with the masses. From  decorative trays and planters, to unique cheese boards and organizational office items, we strive to create one-of-a-kind handmade products for your home.

Introducing, Maker Made, our father and daughter wood shop.

Introducing Maker Made Wood Shop

Recently we tackled a longtime wish list project of mine: a dog house of Mr. Harvey.

I’ve always dreamt of owning a home with a spacious yard, large enough for my pup to roam and also call home with a cozy little abode of his own.  But since that is not currently my reality, I decided to build a custom dog house that was airy, sized according to our small outdoor balcony space and of course, unique in design.

Here is a look into the design and build process.

Mr. Harvey couldn’t be more thrilled with the final outcome.  He’s now a homeowner after all.

Maker Made Dog House

Maker Made Dog House

Maker Made Dog House

Maker Made Dog House

One of the core tenants of Maker Made (we even have a manifesto!) is that we never apologize for or avoid using wood that has flaws.  In fact, we embrace those scrap pieces that others may deem unusable and transform them into handmade goodness. We are equal opportunity woodworkers!

Maker Made Dog House

Maker Made Dog House

Maker Made Dog House

Maker Made Dog House

Maker Made Dog House

Maker Made Dog House

It’s an exciting time in our House and we are thrilled to be able to share it all with you.

We hope you take a gander at our new shop and let us know what you think.  We are always striving to make products that are functional and well-designed, so your feedback is appreciated!

And if you are as big a wood lover as I am, be sure to check out our new “Wood is Good” Pinterest board for some inspiration. There’s nothing like the wonderful world of woodworking.



April 19, 2013

Week of Pup | House of Harvey

This was one of those weeks.  Beyond the typically petty complaints that come with a new work week, we all felt the undeniable sting of sadness from the devastating events in Boston.

Whenever I hear of such inexplicable tragedy, it always seems to make me stop in my path and assess.  Assess my lifestyle. Assess my relationships. Assess my world.

In the end, after the sadness and self-reflection have passed, I come through with an overwhelming sense of appreciation. I’ve been so blessed to live a life full of good fortune, a supportive family, and endless opportunities, never having to know the struggles that many have to face.

And when it comes to the awful reality that many will have to come to terms with after this week, I can’t help but hold onto my many blessings even tighter than before and remember to cherish and be thankful for everything in life.

I am especially appreciative for all of you.  You are my constant motivation and encouragement through it all.

I hope that next week brings some much needed smiles….especially because I have a BIG announcement that I am so excited to share with you all!

Make it a thought full friday and superb weekend, everyone!




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