May 17, 2013

It's never too late to follow through

As of late, I’ve felt like I have been falling short in a lot of areas of my life.  Phone calls aren’t being returned as quickly as they should, requests from friends and family are being put on the back burner, the quality of my work is subpar, and Mr. Harvey has spent one too many hours entertaining himself while I stare at my computer screen for yet another hour.

I’ve made so many personal claims that “I will change, I will correct, I will be more focused,” but I’ve backed out of every promise.  Typical.

So as we enter the new summer season, I declare it a fresh start and clean slate.

As you downsize your to do list, you leave more room and time to become focused on the projects and tasks that matter most. This post from Build a Little Biz (via The Veda House) really helped to set things into perspective for me. It’s not about jumping from one task to another like a game of hopscotch.  It is now a game of paying close attention and improving the quality of my work, and in turn, my daily life.

My dad always used to tell me, “It’s not worth doing unless you try to do it well,” and I think it is about time I apply that to my life…some 20+ years later. Good thing my mom always told me “better late than never.”

I hope it is a thought full weekend for everyone!





May 15, 2013

Bug Favorites | House of Harvey

To be honest, I am not a fan of the creepy crawly variety. I’d much rather sit in a lawn chair than on the actual lawn and I’m the first to scream at the sight of a spider.  But with that said, I can appreciate some well-designed buggy swag.

So I’ve rounded up some bug favorites for you all to enjoy.


wallpaper / scarf / collar / bracelet / cake stand / dog toy / iphone case / ring


May 13, 2013

Bug Hunt | House of Harvey

Summer has hit…in May.  With the heat boiling to a wild 102 degrees over the weekend out here, Mr. Harvey and I headed outdoors.

Anytime we spend time in the yard, I notice the Harvey will stare into the grass for prolonged periods of time.  He remains focused on a patch in front of him, sniffing and staring. What could be capturing his attention you ask: bugs.

Ants, rolly pollies, spiders, you name it.  He’s captivated by the creepy crawlies of the world.  I’ll even find him snapping his mouth at bugs that fly by, ready to chomp.

So I decided to take Mr. Harvey’s weekend hobby and make an afternoon of it.  (These fake bugs and toys will be the only insect critters I’ll get involved with…sorry Harv.)

Bug Hunt | House of Harvey

Bug Hunt | House of Harvey

Bug Hunt | House of Harvey

Bug Hunt | House of Harvey

Bug Hunt | House of Harvey

Harvey went absolutely bonkers for these plush bug toys I found at Petco. Plush or live, he’s got the bug for bugs.

Bug Hunt | House of Harvey

Bug Hunt | House of Harvey

Bug Hunt | House of Harvey


May 10, 2013

A Clean Slate | House of Harvey

I’m feeling rather inspired these past few weeks.  I’m a hotbed of ideas and I don’t know what to do or how to harness them.  Usually I am dealing with the revers reality: utter lack of creativity and thought. So I’m a little unsure of what comes next.

This is a fantastic problem to have, but it can also be a little overwhelming. So I’ve decided to try something new: take one step at a time.  Yep, I’m deleting the lengthy To Do list–you know the one that contains all of the projects you’ve ever wanted to complete in your lifetime–and am starting clean.

One project. One day. One at a time.

It’s going to be interesting, but I have a strong feeling that I will actually complete some of these projects that have been taking up room on that lengthy list for quite some time.  It will definitely take a bit longer than anticipated, but I’m down for the ride.

If my transition into the 29th year has taught me anything (one hopes another year older always makes you another year wiser), it’s that we, as humans, often choose to dramatize our existence and turn it into a chaotic mess.  We, in an unfortunate way, thrive on the turbulence and, although we complain about it to our friends and family, we typically never attempt to change.

So I’m vowing to adopt a more dog-like existence.  One where you take each day as it is given.  You start fresh each morning. And in the end, you find that you’ve accomplished more, loved more and have lived much more.

Mr. Harvey is my guide.

I hope it’s a thought full weekend for everyone!





May 9, 2013

Doberman Love | House of Harvey

The Doberman is one of those dogs that has always had to deal with one stereotype or another.  Often thought of as ferocious and aggressive guard dogs, the Doberman is actually one of the most intelligent and playful breeds out there.

These muscular and agile dogs also make for some great design!  Here are some favorite pieces of Doberman swag.


above photo / tshirt / phone case / jars / bracelet / notebook

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