June 7, 2013

gaining perspective | House of Harvey

There have been a lot of changes in life as of late.  The personal, family, and career arenas have all been affected and things are changing at a rapid pace.

In the past, I may have sat with my head in my hands and thrown a pity party for myself, feeling unprepared and stressed out about the direction my life was going in.  But as time has passed and my defense shields have fortified, I feel like I can take on just about anything. (Disclaimer: Surprisingly, I was by no means prepared for last Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode, which seriously threw me into a tizzy.)

This time around, I’ve actually decided not to give any of these changes much thought.  Whereas in the past I might make endless pro/con lists, pose incessant questions to my friends and family, and maybe even arrange for a “life assessing” conference of sorts, this time around I’m just going to let it flow.  Yes, let it flow. (It think they call this moment of enlightenment “gaining perspective”.)

I love change.  I really do.  I absolutely abhor routine and sameness (which has, at times, been a problem).  So what better way to revel in this rapid change by embracing it and moving freely with it, instead of against it.

It’s scary. It’s unknown. It’s unpredictable.  But I think that is just what I need right now.

I tell my friends ALL of the time: “I’m not worried about you.  You will always land on your feet. And if I do become worried about you, I’ll let you know immediately so we can reassess.”

It’s time to take some of my own advice, and JUST NOT WORRY.  Change is imminent; some better than others.  So take it on.  Flow with it. And just wait to see what happens next.

Here’s to a thought full weekend.  Go out there and make some change!





June 5, 2013

Tea Favorites | House of Harvey

This week’s tea party theme has me giddy!  I just love the idea of having a proper tea time every day, but since that can’t always be the case, I thought I would round up some favorites instead.

If you have some favorite tea goodies, please do share.  I’m stocking up and can’t get enough!


black and white tea pot / herbal tea / enamel kettle / white enamel kettle / ceramic tea cup / leaf tea steeper / submarine tea steeper / dog tea towel


June 3, 2013

Tea Party | House of Harvey

It’s a little known fact that I have a sincere obsession with all things proper and etiquette based. While I’m no Emily Post myself, I do appreciate the decorum and a good set of manners. And what more cliche setting for ladylike behavior that at a proper tea party.

Since Harvey is the essence of a well-behaved (except when it comes to walking on a leash…), I thought it only fitting to partake of a lovely afternoon tea on a sunny summer day. He didn’t drink the tea and really hated the hat, but he remained a dignified gentleman throughout.  Such a proper pooch indeed.

Tea Party | House of Harvey

Tea Party | House of Harvey

Tea Party | House of Harvey

Tea Party | House of Harvey

How fantastic are the gold plated tea serving set and embroidered napkins?! Both were a contribution from my mother’s amazing collection of vintage glassware and linens.  I love stumbling across these gems in the cupboards of my childhood home.

Tea Party | House of Harvey

Tea Party | House of Harvey

Tea Party | House of Harvey

Tea Party | House of Harvey

Tea Party | House of Harvey



May 30, 2013

Breed Love, German Shepherd | House of Harvey

I’ve been lucky enough to have many a memorable German Shepherd come in and out of my life.  Although their appearance can sometimes evoke fear (it’s like a fuzzy bat mixed with a grizzly bear), I’ve never known a German Shepherd that hasn’t stolen my heart.

Today we show them some love.


above photo / umbrella / watercolor artwork / wooden figurine / stamped baggie / necklace

P.S. That darling lil lady in the photo above is Tier, a friend’s precious bundle.  Don’t let those dopey eyes fool you…she’s a terror and has a blog all her own to prove it!


May 28, 2013

Up Close | House of Harvey

In an effort to take things a bit more slowly, I’ve found myself spending a lot more time hanging with Harvey.  We’ll hike through the California hills, bounce around the dog park, or just spend time lounging on the couch together in magical bliss.

With all of this recent bonding, I can’t help but notice the little things about my fuzzy pup that make me smile, like how he sleeps with one leg out, or how he licks his nose anytime he hears a squeaking toy (I’ve got video on our Vine profile to prove it!).

So for this Styled post, I thought I’d give Mr. Harvey a break from the wardrobe and posing, and just capture him as his natural, furry, lazy self with some close up snap shots.

Up Close | House of Harvey

Up Close | House of Harvey

Up Close | House of Harvey

Up Close | House of Harvey

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