January 24, 2013

Dog It Yourself, dog bed

You may know that my Mr. Harvey hates dog beds. It’s a real shame too, because there are some amazing dog bed options out there. But no matter what style or comfort level, he will not lounge in the lap of luxury.

So in my utter denial, I decided to try my hand at crafting my own dog bed for my pup.  While the pictures that accompany this post show a happy pup, enjoying the cushiness of a plush bed, don’t be fooled.  Photo was snapped and Mr. Harvey was off.  Sigh.

If your pup loves a comfy bed, why not Try your hand at making this cozy and stylish bed by following these simple directions:

>> fabric (at least 2 extra yards of each fabric style; SUGGESTED: choose a thick, durable and machine washable style, and it is best to use double sided fabric…i.e. a solid color for the flap/stripes for the base)

>> 2 inch thick foam (cut to your desired size)

>> scissors

>> sewing machine

>> needle + thread

>> iron on velcro

>> iron

1. Cut your foam batting to size.

2. Cut your fabric to size, leaving about 4-5 extra inches along each edge of  your fabric (this is where you will sew).  On one piece, leave an extra yard along the fourth edge. (This extra-long edge will act as the flap.  See below.)

Dog It Yourself, dog bed
3. Turn fabrics upside down (good sides facing each other) and sew three sides with sewing machine (you will leave the fourth side open in order to insert the foam piece).

4. Once all sides are sewn, turn the fabric inside out, exposing the good side of the fabric.

5.  Then turn in the extra fabric edges on the “flap” piece and either sew or use iron on adhesive (shortcut!), as in images #4 – 7, to create clean edges along the flap.

6. Take your velcro and iron a strip along the top edge of the “flap” piece and at the appropriate location along the base fabric as in image #8. (Make sure to leave a little slack for when the foam piece is actually inserted.)

7.  Once the velcro is in its proper place, insert the foam piece and seal it in place with the flap.

8. Bada-bing! Bada-bed!

Dog It Yourself, dog bed

Dog It Yourself, dog bed




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