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February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day | House of Harvey

Oh Valentine’s Day…how over-the-top-gushy you can be. But I still love ya!

And I thought today was a very appropriate day to pop back in on the blog (it’s been a while there, huh?) and say that I love YOU!

I’ve never been a Valentine’s Day basher – even though I’ve never really had a cliche version of a “Valentine” in my life. I actually really like the idea of taking a day out of the year (that is if you can’t find any other time throughout the year) to stop and say/show/express love to those you care most about in life…including yourself.  I’ve had Valentine’s Day celebrations with friends, family and coworkers that mean just as much to me as if it were with a more romantic significant other….it’s just about sharing some genuine love and appreciation, folks!

I wish it happened more often, but at least you know there is a day dedicated to the magical power of love.

And if you are feeling jilted or downtrodden by it all then do yourself a favor and hug a dog….they love unconditionally and year-round.

I hope it’s a magically thought full and love-filled weekend for all!




January 10, 2014

Stop for  a Moment | House of Harvey

We just wanted to stop by and say that we are taking some time to stop.

Oh the irony.

We’re letting some ideas flow this week into next, so pardon our slow posting. In 2014, I’m trying to take more time to let my thoughts percolate and formulate before jumping in. It’s an interesting approach for someone who is so impatient, but I think it will do wonders for my productivity, creativity and, ultimately, my happiness.

Here’s to some deep thinking on this thought full Friday!




January 3, 2014

Mini Moments | House of Harvey

Welcome to a new year and new possibilities! To be honest, the possibilities have always been there. But whenever there is a “start” of something new, don’t you just feel like you are capable of anything and all of the previous muck has vanished? There is definitely a symbolism to the start of the new year and we were definitely ready to embrace it. So for our first full work day of 2014, Mr. Harvey and I hit the park to work in the fresh 80 degree winter SoCal air (don’t be jealous at all….this is not how winter should be!).

Now if you are anything like me, you tend to believe that there are signs out there that are attempting to reach you and make you come to some sort of realization or moment of clarity. I tend to go a bit overboard on the reality of these “signs.” (“Did that duck just wink at me? I think it’s a sign that I should buy that new camera lens so I can capture moments just like those!”) But most of the time, these moments of kismet happen just when I need them most.

Mini Moments | House of Harvey Mini Moments | House of Harvey

It just so happened that while brainstorming at the park yesterday, I became extremely anxious and uneasy with all that I wanted to accomplish in 2014. I’ve always been an over-thinker/planner – trying to accomplish everything under the sun in a matter of months (most often, days). I became frustrated with my growing lists of goals for the year that I just had to stop writing, lay down on my blanket and breathe. Harvey sat by my side, licked my arm and, in a way, tried to put me at ease when I rolled over to see what I thought was a mirage: a miniature, white horse walking around the park.


This tiny horse was prancing along, in his merry way with his human by his side. You could just get a sense that he didn’t have a care in the world or a thought on his mind. He was just taking in the sun, scenery and splendor around him. Harvey immediately perked up, looked at me for approval to greet him, and upon my nod, bolted to say hello.

Mini Moments | House of Harvey

While I was a bit nervous that this mini horse may smack Harvey in the face with a swift hoof kick, his owner assured me that Unicorn (Uni for short) absolutely loved dogs. And within a moment, love was apparent as Harvey and Uni began to play in their unique inter-species kind of way. A sniff here. And face nudge there. They were a pair. (Thank goodness I take my camera with me wherever I go!!!)

So what’s the sign, you ask?

In moments of utter frustration and undue despair, just let the magic take over and a charming mini horse may appear to take you out of your funk and make you remember the simple pleasantries of life again. It’s really the “mini” moments that matter.

Mini Moments | House of Harvey

Thank you Uni. You’ll never know the difference you made in this girl’s life.

I hope it’s a thought full weekend for everyone!




December 30, 2013

So Fresh and So Clean for 2014 | House of Harvey

Well well well, we’ve come upon the end of 2013 and are finally going to get to say hello to the lovely 2014.

This past year has been one of the most amazing/stressful/invigorating/mind-blowing/educational years of my life. Indeed.

So Fresh and So Clean for 2014 | House of Harvey

Not only did I celebrate my first official full year of business-owning (two businesses at that!), but I was also able to fit in some epic travel (here and here and here), wonderful family moments (my sister got hitched and both of my parents retired!), project launches (we had our first Pup-Up event in LA – plenty more to come in 2014!), and of course, 365 days of pure bliss with my main man, Mr. Harvey.

So Fresh and So Clean for 2014 | House of Harvey

Yes, 2013 was a good one. But 2014 has some exciting ventures on the horizon already.

When it comes to this here blog, I am planning some really fun improvements and changes (it’s an ever-evolving process…isn’t it?) and definitely more photos – everything from pups to people to places. What once was merely a place for my dog obsession, has slowly transformed into a love of capturing moments of everything that goes on in my life, canine and other, so I hope you’ll tag along for the ride as I continue to share my crazy journey.

So Fresh and So Clean for 2014 | House of Harvey

And as for New Year’s resolutions, I don’t actually plan to make any this year. I think I’m simply going to try my darndest to live in every moment as it happens and focus on each passing day rather than future-plan my life away. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got some big aspirations and goals for this here 2014, but isn’t life just one giant resolution to do the best you can anyway?

So Fresh and So Clean for 2014 | House of Harvey

I’m ready to start anew, with a clean perspective on life and I think Mr. Harvey is ready for a fresh start too! It’s gonna be an amazing 2014 y’all…hold on to your hats and enjoy the ride!

Adventure awaits!




December 20, 2013

Measure of Success | House of Harvey

It’s coming upon that natural time of year where we all stop for a moment and reflect on all that we have accomplished over the past year. As I’ve commenced my own personal sitting and reflecting mode, I got to thinking, “what does success truly mean to me?”

Over the past year I’ve detailed some personal struggles when it comes to time management, life balance, impatience, jealously, commitment issues, career goals, ambition, routines, organization….you get the point…I’m a hot mess. So as I take this moment to ponder all that has occurred over this past year (and more naturally let my thoughts shift to all that I had actually planned on having occur but never followed through on this year), I think about the true meaning of success and if any of the things I’ve done this year can fall into that “successful” category.

We all have our definitions of what personal achievement looks like, feels like and maybe even tastes like. And because we are all as unique as can be, that means that true success can never be dictated by anyone other than yourself. You may be able to toss in some tangible facts like a huge amount of sales or a big ol’ monetary bonus (usually signs of “success”), but even with those traditional measures you are the one and only person to decide whether you feel successful or not.

So as I sit and spin on the happenings of 2013, from incredible travels and momentous family occasions, to launches of new, creative ventures and survival through a full year of business owning, I think….”by golly, I am successful!”

No, I don’t have Benjamins hanging out of my pockets (I did, in fact, say Benjamins). And yes, there are a lot of things still unchecked on my to do list. And no, I haven’t figured out how to effectively balance my life and my work. And yes, there is still a major pile of laundry in my closet. And yes, all of these things make me upset/disappointed/anxious on the daily, but boy did I experience a lot this year…

…and yes, “experience” is my personal definition of success.

So however you choose to define it, I challenge you to think back on your year (or many years if you like) and determine what your measure of success truly is. Is it love? Is it passion? Is it knowledge? You get to decide how successful you are in life, so go out there and make it happen.

I hope it’s a thought full and extremely joyous holiday for you all!




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