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August 29, 2013

Breed Love, Poodle | House of Harvey

Admit it, you think poodles are a stuck up and snobby breed.  It’s hard not to personify the breed as such with the outlandish hairdo and dainty demeanor the poodle has been know have.  But in all fairness, these fluffy pups are just as humble as any other breed….they just appreciate a good blow dry from time to time.

Let’s give it up for these coifed canines with a round up of poodle perfect products!


above photo / stamp / pajamas / pillow / USB drive / loafers


July 29, 2013

Basset Hound Love | House of HarveyAll Basset Hounds have a Southern drawl…it’s just a fact.  And if they don’t, they must be British.

To me, there is not other breed quite as character-driven as the Basset Hound.  Their droopy eyes, wrinkled eyebrows and low-hanging ears just scream charisma and I, for one, can’t help but squeeze those jiggly jowls every time I pass one by. (You can see what I mean here and here!)

That’s why we are sharing a round of applause (and round up of goodies) for the Basset Hound today!


above photowood sculpture | greeting card | planter | cookies | poster





July 10, 2013

Breed Love, Yorkie | House of Harvey

They are teacup-sized bundles of fuzz that you just can’t resist a snuggle with.  The Yorkie is one of those pups you just want to put in your pocket and take with you everywhere.

Today we round up some sweet swag in homage to this pint-sized breed.


stamp | necklace | sandalstote | poster | tshirt


June 26, 2013


There is no shortage of amazing footage and captured moments of the Beagle.  With those droopy jowls and floppy ears, these pups sure know how to take a decent photo.

The above photo is of the fantastic Laura Carignan’s  (of Lulu Dee) Beagle, Morgan. I’ve followed Laura’s (but mostly Morgan’s) daily happenings on Instagram for a while now and became smitten with Morgan’s irresistible ears and sympathetic eyes.

So in honor of the oh-so-photogenic Beagle, I thought I’d round up some awesome swag to pay homage.


above photo / bracelet charm / print / tie / coin purse / plate / cut out card


June 13, 2013

Shar Pei | House of Harvey

It was about time we tackle an obvious favorite breed, the Shar Pei.  Yes, Harvey happens to be part Shar Pei (part unknown terrier), but my love of this ever-so-wrinkled breed began long ago.

I’ve always had an affinity for wrinkles, both of the canine and human variety, and what more adorably wrinkled creature is there than the Shar Pei?

FUN FACT: Shar Pei’s lose their wrinkles as they age.  They are the true fountain of youth, on four legs. I know my Sharperrier is keeping me young, at least.


above photo / laptop decal / salt and pepper shaker / party ornaments / charmsoap / tote

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