January 2, 2013

born to run giveaway
When it comes to dog photography, my standards are pretty high.  Many underestimate the true talent and skill it takes to photograph dogs (or any animal for that matter) with both a language barrier and unwillingness to sit still.  So when I came across Albert Lewis’ Born to RunI instantly knew it was something special.  And now I want to share it with you!

born to run
This stunning book of portraits captures the amazing life of Iditarod sled dogs unlike any other I’ve seen.  Albert’s keen eye showcases each sled dogs’ personality and emotion and gives us a glimpse into the graceful dogs who run this epic race each year.  In addition to this sled dog passion project, Albert is embarking on a mission to help end the homeless pet population by photographing shelter animals in a professional manner to better help their chances of a quick adoption to a forever home.  It’s amazing how art can turn into philanthropy!

born to run winIf you’d like to get your hands on this gorgeous, 204 page (it’s a hefty one!), 11×12″ hardbound, coffee table style LIMITED EDITION (yup, signed by Albert himself!) book, all you have to do is…


1.  Leave a comment telling me one goal you have for you and your pup in 2013!


And BOOM, you are entered!

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I will announce the winner on the blog on Wednesday, Jan. 9, so be sure to come back to see if you are the lucky winner!





Now for the not-so-fine print:

  • I will be selecting the winner at random.
  • The giveaway will run from Jan. 2-Jan.8, 11:59 pm PST.
  • No P.O. Boxes…sorry.
  •  Once the winner has been announced, they must email me at with correct shipping information.
  • I wasn’t paid a cent for this promotion.  I just believe in great products.

all photos by Albert Lewis for Born to Run



  • Barbara Neilson

    My main goal for myself and Daegan (the wonder poodle)is to go for one leashed walk a day to supplement the off leash park, back yard that he gets every day. This will benefit us both immensely.

  • Lyndsie Lacock

    My goal for me and my dog for 2013 is to finish her training as a service dog.

  • Pam

    We (my 4 dogs and I) will be enjoying our winter with our sled, and entering our first sled dog races. My goal is to place well, and have fun! What a great book!

  • Rochelle Tullis

    My goal for my pups = find more off-leash areas to let them be wild and free!

  • Melanie

    Having a Nine Newfoundland Dog Pack, it is difficult to pick one thing that I would do with them. We have 3 elderly ladies, 3 middle aged gents and lady and 3 younger nutty girls.

    Hmmm, so my one thing would to make sure each gets tummies, ear scritches and love each day WHILE putting up a gate into the kitchen so they will stop counter surfing.


    My main goal for myself and my 12 Siberian Huskies is to continue to enjoy running as a team,….remain close as a family and enjoy our trails together….with lots of cuddles, ear rubs and nose nussling…..Here’s to a Happy 2013.

  • Brenda Baldwin

    My goal is to assist my rescue beagle, Annie, with her house training. She is a very sweet girl, but obviously missed this step somewhere along the line.

  • Suzanne Clodfelter

    My goal for me and my yorkies is to snuggle at least three times a day!

  • Julie Reimer

    My goal is to walk/jog/run/play at least 1000 miles with my two Alaskan Malamutes!

  • Lynne

    My goal for 2013: Give a gift to everyone I meet, be it a smile, a wish, or something more.

  • Christopher Michael

    My goal is to live life in the moment as my dog does and show the love and companionship he does to others and to bring him to more trails and adventures throughout Alaska with photographs to document our life together.

  • Marianne J. Peters

    My plan is to get more time with my Newfs. Quality time. A special time to put them to work. They love it ~ even if it’s just basic obedience on a hike ~ it’s when they are the happiest!!

  • Colleen

    2013 is the year we are going to start fostering dogs for a local shelter. I know my pup will be so excited to have new buddies to hang out with at home and we look forward to sharing our home until the foster dogs can find their forever homes.

  • Carolynn Jerome

    My for husky mix, Sassy & myself is to get us out more – more walks more skiing, more doing things together… as we’ve gotten older we’ve gotten more sedentary and it’s time for us to get up and shake off the cobwebs!

  • April

    My goal for my Husky and my mini Schnauzer and I is to get out more to parks and go on some adventures! It’s also a nice way to get a little jog or walk in some fresh air for myself :]

  • Jan McCannon

    I have thought many times about purchasing Albert’s book, but feeding ten dogs takes most of our money. My dogs and I will run our 1st sprint race on January 12th. I had set a goal to do it in 2011 but way too many personal obstacles arose to allow me enough personal time to train hard. We are kind of a “geriatric” team, I am 62 years old and my youngest team member is 8, we are slow but we have fun and that’s all that counts. Happy Trails to all :O)

  • Karlijn

    My goal is to train our second hand Lab to sleep in on saturday and sunday. The first bark at 8.30 instead of the regular 6.30 would be a great goal for 2013.

  • Nanci

    To try to be the person my pack of 3 huskies believe I am! And get them a scooter so they can learn to pull!

  • Apri

    Our 2013 goal is to get our now two huskies hooked up to a sled and pull the neighborhood children around!

  • Beth Miller

    My 2013 goal for my Aussie/Border Collie and me is that I give her a good snuggle everyday while telling her how much I love her! She loves unconditionally-a lesson I can learn from her!

  • Kate

    My goal for me and my pup? To GET ONE! As soon as I have my own place that will be happening. Then I suppose it’ll be on to obedience school!

  • Fran

    The goal for me and my pup this year, to carry on with his training for CaniX then competing with him when he’s old enough

  • Barbara B.

    My goal is to help find a fur-ever home for my foster dog, Kendall. She’s a sweet malamute who is wonderful with people & is learning to get along at the dog park.

  • Stephanie Carnell

    One of my boys is a white husky mix that we got from a shelter nine years ago. This year’s goal is the same as every year’s goal- to get him to overcome some trust and fear issues. Something happened to him before before he became part of our family. He’s a great boy but sometimes reacts negatively out of fear.

  • Carol C

    we adopted mati 5 months ago and she’s made some leaps and bounds. our goal for 2013 is to push her to her full potential as a confident and happy dog.

  • Callie

    What a great giveaway! My goal is to take my dog on longer walks every night and give him more play time.

  • Sandy

    My goal for 2013 is to spend more one on one time with Starr not just going in the car.

  • Nancy Moreau

    My goal for my 12.5 yo retired SAR GSD is to enjoy his last days/months here with me, free to hike and roam the woods and free to swim and play his favorite game; retrieving rocks out of a water source.

  • Keeley

    My goal for the new pup and I are to get the hang of his new control collar so I don’t have to worry about him dashing in front of a car on our walks when he sees a squirrel, cat, bird, etc.

  • Susan

    My pups are now both senior dogs, ages 14 & 16. Just keeping them happy will be my main goal.

  • Shannon

    My goal is to get out on more walks and runs!

  • Mary Jean

    I wish I still had a puppy to have a goal with, but mine went to puppy heaven a year ago. But if he were here I would spend more time hugging and loving him. Love the book.

  • Rachel

    My goal for my lab Cole this year is to continue working to get him over his fear of riding in the car and take a trip over 2 hours to the beach! He can make it 15 -25 minutes without a meltdown, and that’s an improvement from when I adopted him last year.

  • Kari

    My goal this year is to take a vacation that include my dogs!

  • Kris T.

    Our goal is to take LONGER walks (not easy when it’s still dark outside at 5 am and below freezing!). Thanks for the chance to win the awesome book!

  • Kris T.

    I follow on Twitter @krstrpp.

  • Alisa

    My goal this year is to do a better job of keeping Yoda’s, the Sealyham Terrier, teeth clean. Yoda’s goal this year is to avoid having his teeth cleaned.

  • London Dog Photographer

    I swear to have a two at least 60 minutes walks every day with Mishka, hog her whenever she will look for it. And finally, we will not go holidays without her. And we planing to go to Scotland this spring :)

  • Kim Klonowski

    My goal is to make time to do rally courses again with my older pup since she loves it and I love the bonding time

  • Rochelle Byiers

    My 2013 goal for my 5 pups and myself is building up our miles on skis.. we are hoping to make it North to do a 100 mile race together :-)

  • Ana

    My goal is always the same: make my three dogs very very happy! The happiest possible! And this will make me happy too.

  • Kathleen Anderson

    My goal has always been to “think like a dog”, husky actually; I have 35. So I would like to do even better in each of us being able to have our desires met.

  • Laura M.

    My goal this year is to skijor behind my two lovely boy Alaskan Malamutes in tandem.

  • JJ

    I have one HUGE goal for myself and my two huskies this year….to conquer Skijoring with them. I have a 3.5 year old and a new pup who is almost 6 months and I cannot wait to hook them up! 2013 WILL BE THE YEAR!

  • Anne

    The new husky pup, Granite, and I are going to work on bikejoring! Leader in training already!

  • Kyley and Ammo the Dachshund

    I really want to teach my dog a collection of tricks this year that he can perform as a “skit” when he travels with my trick ponies. This is going to be the year I finally do it!

  • Denise M.

    My goal for Casey M. (Best beagle in the world!) is.a walk everyday ( as long as there is no rain because Casey does not do rain).

  • Kelly R.

    I would like to be able to rescue and foster more dogs this year! Also, I would like to get my pit bull Bonnie in shape and take her backpacking this summer.

  • David Robinson

    My goal has always been to give as much love, joy, happiness, walkies and treats, as I can, seeing as my 2 dogs show me such devotion, they are faithful to me and my family, it’s up to me to show that they are worthy of such devotion. i have a 14 year old husky and a 1 year old rescued dog.

  • Mandy Collins

    My goal for 2013 is to train up all 5 of my sled dog pups to be good hard working racing sled dogs. They are crazy little things before i take them out for their daily free run they jump up and down yelling in their little puppy voices all excited to go. They must have picked it up when watching their father and mother be hooked up to the sled. It is our dream to race in the IFSS world championships in 2 years. :)

  • Christina Ann

    My first dog passed away last year and I got a little husky. I have never had a husky before, but I’m loving her! My first dog Sparkle was a chow chow mix. She passed away in her sleep last year the day before I went back to college… It was really hard for me… I still miss sparkle a lot, but Katie has really helped me move on and learn to love a dog again. She has not replaced Sparkle by any means, but she is definitely what I needed. Sparkle had a hard time running, but not Katie. Katie was born to run! I love that she is more athletic because I have gotten into fitness now. My goal for Katie and I this year is to learn how to mush and teach her how to be a sled dog as well as how to bikejorn when the weather is warmer. As we learn how to do this together we will run together everyday in the morning and then learn how to mush in the evenings. This goal will help me get more fit and ensure that Katie gets enough exercise to stay healthy and happy. As a college student that is student teaching, things are crazy and sometimes exercise gets put off, but it is an important thing. My goal this year for Katie and I, will help keep fitness and exercise a part of our day. :)

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