30 DURING 30

May 10, 2014


It’s come. My thirtieth year is finally upon me.

As a kid, this seemed like a very mature year full of responsibility, major life choices and many career successes. And in reality, it looks like it will actually be a year full of responsibility (someone has to take care of my fuzzy man, Mr. Harvey), major life choices (to travel or to take a break for a bit?), and many career successes (…or at least some big career changes).

With that said, I thought it might be fun (and motivating) if I posed a personal challenge to achieve 30 goals in my 30th year. There are some simple ones and some more lofty ones that made the list, but I’m hopeful I can achieve them all with a little bit of focus, perseverance and a lot of coffee.

So here goes…

1. Officially launch my photography business (a.k.a start making money doing it!)
2. Get my personal debt under control
3. Travel to an unseen destination (or several)
4. Increase my earnings
5. Strengthen my relationships
6. Volunteer on a regular basis
7. Cook at least twice a week
8. Expand my wood shop offerings and grow the business
9. Give so much more (i.e. gifts, time, attention…)
10. Achieve a milestone athletic accomplishment (i.e. marathon, Mud Run…)
11. Take my personal style up a notch (see you later high school jeans)
12. Make time to play/snuggle with Harvey every single day
13. Learn to play an instrument (perhaps the dusty banjo sitting in the corner…finally)
14. Meditate on the regular
15. Start writing one of the many screenplays I have in my head
16. Hike a substantial mountain/trail
17. Learn to save my money/plan for the future
18. Master the Italian language (30 years too late…)
19. Explore/attempt a new art form
20. Workout regularly
21. Grow a garden (and keep it alive!)
22. Get my photographs printed in a major publication
23. Watch the top 10 of AFI’s Top 100 Movies of All Time
24. Photograph and publish my grandmother’s Italian cookbook
25. Face my fear of water (it’s time to set sail, y’all!)
26. Go on a hot air balloon ride
27. Road trip through Wyoming/Dakotas/Idaho with Mr. Harvey
28. Pamper myself every other month (more massages please!)
29. Read 7 new books (truly a feat in my household)
30. Learn to live each day with respect and admiration for this time I’ve been given

Stay tuned for a progress report on May 3, 2015…

Do you have any goals on your list that you’ve proudly accomplished this year?


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